Best and Affordable Wedding Chapel Venues in Las Vegas

Where some couples want sophisticated and decent weddings, there are also couples who are fun lovers and want their wedding in the most ridiculously fun way possible. There are bachelorette parties, bride and groom showers, destination weddings, and much more on the list. When we talk about the destination wedding of such lovers, Las Vegas is a very reasonable and most entertainment option. Weddings planned in Las Vegas have are so full of enjoyment that it feels more like attending a carnival. Even if the wedding is inside a Wedding Chapel or planned outside, fun remains the same.

Why one should get married in Las Vegas?

·        A budget Friendly Destination Wedding

No matter the size of the pocket, couples can still have the type of wedding they dreamt of, only in Las Vegas. The first thing that comes under the roof of costing is the marriage license. For which you can get guidance from any Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas Nv. An intimate wedding celebrated in a wedding chapel costs about $50. Even the luxury packages can cost less than $1000.

·        More of a Vacation than a Typical Wedding

Couples do not have to wait for their wedding to end to enjoy their honeymoon. The wedding is itself a vacation in Las Vegas. There are numerous spots to visit in Las Vegas, that include The High Roller, Gondola Ride at the Venetian, Ski Resort, Hoover Dam, Silverton Aquarium, and much more.

·        Best Wedding Chapels in Town

Las Vegas is also known for its variety in a wedding chapel category, apart from all the fun spots. There are a number of wedding chapels that are affordable with mesmerizing beauty. Different packages are available at every wedding chapel; some allow you to even customize it. Photography, music, and other facilities are also available in most of them.


Wedding Chapels  

1.      The Hicthin’ Post Wedding

For instance, there is this very beautiful and economical The Hitchin’ Post Wedding Chapel. At Hitchin’ Post, weddings are considered the most auspicious thing, thus the services are remarkable. A great and globally famous wedding chapel in Las Vegas Nv, operating inside the Circus Circus which is a hotel and casino. Couples who want to have their wedding personalized with photography and the best entertaining services can opt for The Hitchin’ Post Wedding Chapel.

2.      Elvis Chapel

Like all other wedding chapels, this one is also very well decorated with beautiful embellishments. The packages at Elvis include live performance, experience services from the staff, Photography and Videos, and much more.

3.      The Little Neon Chapel

Here at the Little Neon Chapel, the most appealing thing is affordability with great quality services. Wedding packages start from $49. Located in the Downtown of Las Vegas, this wedding chapel offers thematic wedding ceremonies, from Elvis Style, traditional, mob, to outdoor refreshing ones.

Best and Affordable Wedding Chapel Venues in Las Vegas


The list of affordable and best wedding chapels continues to grow because Las Vegas is a favorite tourist spot for couples to get married. That allows the chapel owners to thrive their business by offering cheap rates with quality services.