The Hitchin’ Post Wedding Chapel is known worldwide as a classic chapel to conduct destination weddings successfully. Located right in Las Vegas for more than ten years, our charming venue offers standard wedding packages and the now-famous sophisticated themed weddings and renewals of vows which have become an enormously popular (and entertaining) Las Vegas activity over the past decade. The Hitchin’ Post Wedding Chapel is a team of professionals to team up with the right experts to work with exquisite elegance.

We use fresh flowers, silk flowers, digital photography, digital video shooting technology, and ceremonies broadcasted over social media to make your wedding in Las Vegas memorable and an event to be regarded for your lifetime. Thus, whether you are looking for a conventional Ceremony or our signature Wedding Chapels in Vegas, we are around to cater to the needs of all Las Vegas Weddings.

Personalize Your Ceremony

At the Hitchin’ Post Wedding Chapel, we provide various wedding and ceremony packages to suit your budget and choices. Pick a traditional romantic wedding with the Enthusiast’s Package or renew your vows with the most affordable in Las Vegas. Consider an exciting Las Vegas twist on a conventional marriage with our team of experts and customized wedding Packages.

Upon entering the Hitchin’ Post Wedding Chapel, you will be influenced. Your special day will be stunning. You will feel the romantic atmosphere in your surroundings, heightened with traditional wedding music and the fragrance of fresh flowers. It will be the ceremony you have always dreamed of having.

We convert your traditional wedding plans into our exquisite dream wedding/fairy tale wedding. Our proficient team of experts is proactive and keeps up with your mood swings. We are the trendsetters across the entire US for destination weddings. Our team is diligently involved in providing you the best in the most reasonable pricing.

Quick Wedding Services:

No matter how urgently you want your wedding ceremonies to be conducted, we are here at your service to serve you the best without having the quality being compromised. Our hi-tech team of professionals offers free consultation services for your dream wedding to guide you on the procedures and preparations.

With a touch of luxury, we offer royal weddings at budget-friendly pricing. Our rivals do not have the same upkeep with the latest technology as we do. Our photographers and videographers add a class to your simple pictures to ensure your event is equally important to us as it is to you.

Our team of professionals offers an extended line of services in person to the couple to make their day happening, from choosing their wedding gowns and suiting to the bouquets, makeups, emotional excitement, and much more. For them, giving a feeling like their own family, the couple must open up to us about their pre-wedding plans to accurately cater to their needs. It helps us offer world-class services and ensure a robust lifelong bond with the couple to inspire their future generations.

At the Hitchin’ Post Wedding Chapel, we ensure our clients take pride in having to choose us for their big day. We take care of everything in your event, from the minor to the major details. We keep track of everything. We personify the emotions to speak up at the event you want to host. We ensure top-quality services are offered to each of our clients.

Get in touch with us:

Feel free to ring us or contact us anytime between business hours for more information on getting married in Vegas.

At the Hitchin’ Post Wedding Chapel, we know that no love is the same and no wedding should be similar either. If you want to celebrate as exceptionally as your passion, consider our wedding chapel in Las Vegas. Many celebs have chosen us for their weddings and generations of the same family from grandparents to the present age. Our historic chapel has fostered romance for decades and married hundreds of thousands of pairs.

You might wish to get married in Las Vegas within a specific time frame and create a memorable wedding you can afford. Possibly you want to start your union uniquely. Or maybe you wish to renew your vows and generate new exciting memories together after years.

Whatever your situation and preferences would be, we offer romantic and affordable options for your day. We also have proficient wedding coordinators that will assist you in selecting the ceremony of your choice.

So, hurry to plan your perfect Vegas wedding with the Hitchin’ Post Wedding Chapel