A typical Las Vegas wedding chapel is, beyond any reasonable doubt, the best way to have an indoor wedding. On the other hand, Las Vegas has made a name as the best destination or location for saying “I do”. These two factors make a Las Vegas wedding one of its kind – an experience you will hardly get anywhere else around the world. One of the biggest challenges, however, that couples face is choosing the best wedding chapel in Las Vegas. It is essential to keep in mind that the kind of chapel that you’ll settle on will have a direct impact on the kind of experience that you will have on your big day, as you walk the love of your life down the aisle – the more reason why you need to look out for the best wedding chapel in Las Vegas. 

To help you have your dream wedding in Las Vegas, we’ve compiled below some of the main factors to consider when scouting for a Las Vegas wedding chapel. Just read on. 


  • Is the chapel’s location convenient for you and your guests?

The location of the chapel should, basically, be the first thing to consider when looking out for the best Las Vegas wedding chapel. The chapel should be practically and easily accessible in both weather conditions – for instance when rainy or something. Also factor in the amount of time your guests will spend getting to your chosen chapel. It is definite that you wouldn’t want your guests to be frustrated on your big day trying to access your chapel.

The location of the chapel might also have an influence on whether your guests would want to stay around for some time or head straight back after your wedding. If they’re excited by the hotels around your chosen chapel, they’ll most probably want to stay for a few days.

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  • Do you want a great reception? Look around for a good and spacious reception area

It is widely agreeable that a wedding cannot be complete without a reception. It gives people an opportunity to enjoy many aspects of your wedding. As such, it is really important to consider the available space for the reception within the Las Vegas wedding chapel that you want to use. Such chapels, in most cases, come with any other affordable wedding packages such as décor among other things. Just make sure that the area of reception meets the standards that you want.

It will, certainly, be a bit hectic to conduct the wedding at one point and go to another location for the reception. That is the kind of hassle that you really don’t want on your big day. The Hitchin’ Post team can connect you with the banquet department inside Circus Circus.

  • Consider the air conditioning of the chapel that you want to use

The air conditioning of the chapel is important because of the weather changes that might make your guests uncomfortable, if not controlled. It is essential to hire a chapel that has both air and heating conditioning. For instance, the air conditioning will be perfect during the summer season.


  • Check out the interiors of the chapel

The interior décor of the chapel is important because it will go a long way in determining how your photos and videos will look like. Any best wedding chapel in Las Vegas should ideally have great interiors. In order to arrive at the best Las Vegas wedding chapel, you can start by looking at the kind of photographs on their website. It’ll give you a feel of what your wedding photographs might look like. You can, alternatively, visit in person especially if you’re not far from the chapel.

Additionally, you can enquire if the chapel’s affordable wedding packages include professional photography. Some chapels in Las Vegas offer these services while some don’t.

There you have it! Getting the best wedding chapel in Las Vegas is not really rocket science. Just follow this simple and practical guide and you will get exactly what you’re looking for.