How To Get Married In Vegas

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Often, newly engaged couples face an overwhelming number of decisions and considerations about what is supposed to be a day of happy celebration.

“Where should we get married? Is a church involved? What about the guest list? Do we have to invite all those people we don’t know? Favors, flowers, dresses, tuxes, bride’s maids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers, RINGS, photographers, do we need video? How are we even going to get there?!? Do we have to drive ourselves or should we hire a limo, or limos for everybody? Will there be any money left over for a honeymoon? Do we really need a license from the state to do all this, too?”

The solution to the stress is GET MARRIED IN VEGAS!

Las Vegas is the destination wedding capital of the world for good reason. Getting married in Las Vegas is easy, affordable, and fun. Of course, there are some decisions to make but they all become much easier once you tell your friends and family you’re getting married in Vegas!


There is truly no bad time of year to get married in Vegas. There are rarely weather events that stop traffic at the airport so getting here is a safe bet. It gets cold enough for light jackets and sweaters in winter months and summer is notoriously hot but there is plenty of shade and air conditioning! The most popular months to get married in Las Vegas are April, May, September, and October. March and November are also great choices for mild weather. A good strategy to decide on a wedding date is to research airfare and room rates and pick the date that fits your budget best. Alternately, just pick a day that means the most to you. It’s your day, after all!


Having a destination wedding in Las Vegas is a great way to pare down an overwhelming guest list. Considering the time and cost guests would have to bear to attend your wedding takes the pressure off inviting everyone you’ve ever met! You know who is important to you and who you really want to be there, so start with that list. Beyond that, there are likely a handful of people you should invite just so you won’t offend anyone and a few more you should invite that you know won’t make the trip.


Yes, you do need a license from the state. Despite popular movies and TV shows suggesting two people can stumble into a Las Vegas wedding chapel drunk and unprepared and leave legally married, this is simply not the case. Fortunately, getting a license from the State of Nevada is incredibly easy to do.

Las Vegas is located in Clark County, Nevada and the county clerk is in charge of issuing marriage licenses. You can fill out an online application on their website, , then before you go to a chapel to get married, swing by the Marriage Bureau at 201 E. Clark St in Downtown Las Vegas to pick up your license to marry. Taxis and rideshare drivers all know how to get there and it’s close to every hotel in Las Vegas. There is no waiting period, and no blood test is required!


This is the easiest choice (though we are a little biased).

The Hitchin’ Post Wedding Chapel, located inside Circus Circus, is both beautiful and affordable. We offer unique, personalized wedding ceremonies for couples and up to 50 invited guests at prices that simple cannot be beat by any Las Vegas wedding chapel. We provide your ceremony venue, officiant, license recording service, floral and décor options, professional photography and video, and real help planning your wedding. Our team can help you plan a reception or dinner with your guests, arrange for discounted room blocks at Circus Circus, and provide limousine services if you would like to see the city in style. The Hitchin’ Post truly makes getting married in Las Vegas easy.